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    The Social Pet Community that gives pet owners and future pet owners the possibility of creating a free pet profile site for themselves and their pets, to upload media text, photos, videos, and to discuss pet related topics with other pet owners from all over the world. The free membership allows you to find news friends from all over the world, to add them to your friends-list and send messages to them. Once a week you can upload a photo of your pet to the "pet of the week" contest and take a chance of winning a great prize (usually not worth more than a few bucks but it's fun to see all the pet images).
    We hope that you enjoy Paws-N-More and that you invite your friends to join this site, too. Paws-N-More was built by Pet-lovers and is made for Pet-lovers. We appreciate your feedback and your ideas to make Paws-N-More the best place to hang out for pet-lovers on the web. If you would like to contact us, please click the link "contact us" at the bottom of each page and send us a message.
    You will notice when you create your account that we have a monthly membership available as well as the FREE plan. The monthly fees for what we call the "Big Dog Member" are donated to various pet rescue and worthwhile programs to protect our furry friends. You can sign up for the paid membership and cancel at any time but know that your membership will go to a worthy cause. It is our goal to help protect and save abused and neglected animals of all forms.
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